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Eolys cerine

Eolys cerine is an additive used in emission reduction systems for diesel vehicles fitted with particulate filters (DPF). It is produced by the French company Rhodia and is used in PSA Group vehicles (Peugeot, Citroën, DS) as well as in some Ford vehicles.

Eolys Cerine is a colourless liquid that is injected into the fuel tank or directly into the exhaust system to help regenerate the DPF. It contains a chemical compound called cerium carbonate, which helps to lower the burning point of soot particles in the DPF, making them easier to remove during regeneration.

It is important to note that Eolys Cerin must be replaced periodically according to the car manufacturer’s recommendations. If it is not replaced in a timely manner, this can lead to problems with the regeneration of the DPF and the reduction of emissions, which can result in breakdowns and high repair costs.

Problems with Eolys cerin

Eolys Cerine is an additive used in emission control systems for diesel vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filters (DPF). It is used to regenerate the DPF by removing accumulated soot particles.

Although Eolys cerine is generally reliable and effective, it can encounter certain problems. Here are some examples of common problems with Eolys cerine:

  1. Incorrect dosage: the dosage of Eolys cerin must be precise to ensure effective regeneration of the DPF. Incorrect dosing can lead to incomplete regeneration or an excessive build-up of cerine, which can damage the DPF.
  2. Fouling of the DPF: if the DPF is not regenerated regularly, this can lead to the accumulation of soot particles, which can clog the DPF and reduce its efficiency. This can also reduce the effectiveness of Eolys Cerin in regenerating the DPF.
  3. Quality of Eolys cerine: the quality of Eolys cerine is important to ensure effective regeneration of the DPF. Poor quality or contaminated Eolys cerin can reduce its effectiveness and damage the DPF.
  4. Storage problems: Eolys cerine is sensitive to humidity and must be stored correctly to maintain its quality. Incorrect storage can reduce its effectiveness and damage the DPF.
  5. System problems: diesel emission control systems are complex and can experience operating problems. Problems such as a faulty sensor, dosing system failure or regeneration system malfunction can affect the effectiveness of Eolys Cerine in regenerating the DPF.

It is important to note that problems with Eolys Cerin can be avoided or minimised through regular maintenance and monitoring of the system. Problems must be diagnosed and resolved quickly to ensure efficient performance and reduce diesel particulate emissions.

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