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Hydrodynamic cleaning

Discover why hydrodynamic power efficiently cleans your particle filter or catalytic converter

An innovative process!

Thanks to an innovative process, our cleaning solution removes soot and ash from both the DPF and the catalytic converter (catalyst).

To effectively clean the particle filter and restore its original functioning, we use the hydrodynamic cleaning method. This intervention involves injecting under pressure several liters of a UNIQUE, hyper descaling solution into the DPF, with the engine running. It is carried out without disassembling parts. As the exhaust heats up, the cleaning solution heats up to over 180° and effectively dissolves all soot. The high pressure of hot exhaust gases, exerted by the engine’s acceleration, creates turbulence, which propagates through the DPF or catalytic converter to loosen fine particles and dissolve soot adhering to the entire exhaust system. They are then eliminated by an effective rinsing done by the machine.

Unlike all other methods, our cleaning method does not involve dismantling the particle filter or catalyst.

The main advantage of hydrodynamic cleaning is that the entire exhaust system is cleaned. It restores your engine’s original power and makes it easier to pass the anti-pollution technical control.

Why have your DPF cleaned?

We recommend preventive cleaning every 100,000 km (for standard driving) and every 50,000 km for vehicles used for short journeys or in town.

Due to our unique cleaning formula your vehicle quickly recovers its original performance. And if your DPF is serviced and cleaned on time, you can avoid having to replace it. Replacing a clogged DPF costs between €1,500 and €3,000. Preventive cleaning instead of replacement can save you up to 90%.

This innovative cleaning operation, is still little-known among professionals. Don’t hesitate to talk to your garage owner or dealer.

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