DPF Cleaning with the Fap Cleaner® Machine – Video Demonstration

Cleaning a particulate filter on a 2017 VW Tiguan 2L TDI 190hp.

Using an innovative process, our cleaning solution effectively dissolves soot, ash, scale and cerium oxide present in both the DPF and the catalytic converter. To find out more

DPF cleaning on VW Polo 1L6 TDI 90hp With Fap Cleaner®

To effectively clean the particulate filter and the catalytic converter and restore their original function, we use the hydrodynamic cleaning method. This involves injecting several litres of a unique hyper descaling solution under pressure into the DPF or catalytic converter, with the engine running. It is carried out without dismantling the part. As the exhaust heats up, the cleaning solution heats up to over 180° and acts effectively on the soot.

DPF cleaning Audi Q3 2L TDI with the FAP Cleaner® machine

The high pressure of the hot exhaust gases, exerted by the engine’s acceleration, creates shock waves which, by propagating through the DPF or the catalytic converter, help to loosen the fine particles and dissolve the soot adhering to the exhaust system as a whole. The soot is then eliminated by effectively rinsing the machine.
The main advantage of hydrodynamic cleaning is that the entire exhaust is completely cleaned.

Cleaning the 2009 BMW 120D DPF with the FAP Cleaner machine

The advantages of FAP CLEANER® :

Effectively eliminates soot, ash, scale and cerium oxide
– Restores original performance and fuel consumption
Safe for the catalytic coating of the filter
Reduces exhaust smoke emissions
– Makes it easier to pass roadworthiness tests for pollution
– Preserves engine life

DPF Cleaning VW Golf VII 1L6 TDI 105hp with FAP Cleaner® station

Cleaning a particulate filter on a VW Golf VII 1L6 TDI 105hp.

DPF cleaning on Citroën C4 1.6 HDI with Fap Cleaner® machine

Cleaning a particle filter on a Citroën C4 1L6 HDI.

DPF cleaning on a Mercedes E200 CDI with Machine Fap Cleaner®

Cleaning a particulate filter on a Mercedes E200 CDI.

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