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CCM782E FAP CLEANER® station

FAP CLEANER® machine

The FAP CLEANER® – dpf cleaning station is a machine specially designed for cleaning particulate filters on diesel vehicles and catalytic converters on petrol vehicles. It is an autonomous, versatile and efficient machine.

This is used to inject our exclusive, hyper descaling cleaner into the particulate filter or catalytic converter, to dissolve the soot and ash present in these components, using the “hydrodynamic” technique.

The cleaning operation takes place in 2 main stages with a cleaning phase and a rinsing phase to remove residues permanently

The cleaning service is carried out by connecting directly to the DPF differential pressure sensor or the lambda probe before the catalyst, and does not require any removal of the particle filter or the catalyst.

Technical specifications

The FAP CLEANER® – dpf cleaning station is equipped with a rechargeable battery integrated with a 12-volt charger. It has an operating time of 3 hours. It can therefore be used in workshop or on the road. It’s easy to handle, lightweight, transportable and takes up very little space.

It has a 30 liter tank with an integrated high-flow pump and an adjustable flow variator.

The FAP CLEANER station works on all types of vehicle, petrol, diesel and even hybrids.

Ease of use and speed of operation

The FAP CLEANER® machine is very easy to use. After connecting the machine directly to the DPF differential pressure sensor or to the location of the lambda probe before the vehicle’s catalyst, the cleaning operation is carried out in a few minutes.

The FAP CLEANER® station saves the operator a lot of time because it is no longer necessary to disassemble the particle filter or the catalyst. It makes it possible to offer an alternative solution to the customer before replacing often expensive parts.

It’s important to carry out a test drive after cleaning for 25/30 minutes to eliminate the last residues in the exhaust and initiate a natural regeneration of the FAP.

Fap Cleaner

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