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DPF cleaning machine – FAP CLEANER CCM 782E

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FAP CLEANER 782 E is a DPF and catalyst cleaning machine. It allows complete cleaning of the exhaust system using the “Hydrodynamic” cleaning technique.

The cleaning operation is done without any disassembly, by connecting directly to the differential pressure sensor of the DPF or to the connection of the lambda sensor of the vehicle. This operation is carried out when the engine is hot and running. It consists of injecting several liters of our unique cleaning solution CC082 under pressure into the DPF or the catalyst.

The cumulative reaction of the high exhaust gas temperature, the pressure exerted by the engine’s acceleration and our cleaning solution creates turbulence. The turbulence propagates through the DPF or the catalytic converter, loosening the fine particles and dissolving the soot that has adhered to the entire exhaust system. The soot is then removed by efficient flushing of the machine.

It is compatible with all light and heavy duty vehicles (gasoline, diesel and hybrid) equipped with a particulate filter, a catalytic converter and a catalyst.

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CCM 782 E-EN


Cleaning machine for particle filters and catalysts

Ease to use, efficient and speed of operation

The DPF CLEANER CCM 782E machine can perform cleaning DPFs and catalysts in 30 minutes.

  • Simple to operate, fast and efficient
  • Compatible with cars, vans and trucks (petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid)
  • Autonomous with 12 volts rechargeable battery
  • Versatile for workshop or itinerant interventions
  • Quick intervention requiring no disassembly
  • Up to 98% of soot and ash removed
  • Does not alter ceramics and DPF components
  • 30 liters tank with integrated high flow pump
  • Adjustable flow rate variator

The FAP CLEANER CCM 782 E station is innovative. Cleaning the DPF or the catalytic converter does not require the immobilization of the vehicle for hours, in less than 30 minutes the intervention is carried out.

Additional information


CCM 782E

Type of power supply

Battery + Charger 220 volts / 12 volts

Tank capacity (L)

30 liters

Intervention duration

from 30 mins

Size (W*D*H cm)

40 x 68 x 76 cm

Weight (kg)

21 kg

Battery life

3 hours

Vehicle types

Cars, vans and trucks (petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid)


1 year


Compliant with CE standards

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